Cooking with samples from “Love With Food” box


These samples were included in one of my secret surprise gift boxes from Love With Food.

I think they were made to stir into beverages but I wondered what they would taste like used in cooking.


Started here with some virgin olive oil and diced garlic.


Added some wild Alaskan salmon filet.  Once cooked the skin just peels off.  If you have pets don’t throw the skin away, I save for my doggies and tell them I have made them special salmon skin jerky.  They are in love with it!


After removing the skin I added one of the packets.  The other was a disappointment, when I opened it it was not a powder but a globby mess…  Add enough half-in-half or other liquid of your choice to make moist, stir in some baby kale and spinach until just wilted.


With only one packet of the citrus powder it did not give me the flavor I was looking for but it still was a yummy paleo snack.  I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese right before eating.  This would have been good over noodles too but you would have to make more of a sauce with the half-n-half or other liquid.

Looking forward to more of my surprise gift boxes from Love With Food!


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