Addicted to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

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Adapted from the novels by author Kerry Greenwood, the adventures of Phryne Fisher.

A glamorous private detective in 1920s Melbourne.  Phryne is single and independent and proves with her brilliant tactics that women can have both exciting personal and professional lives.

I am totally addicted to her courage and her amazing wardrobe.  Her clothes are made with fabric authentic to the times, lots of flowing romantic creations.  I not only look forward to each of her new adventures but what the heck is she going to be wearing?

Seasons 1-3 can be found on Netflix.  No word on season four yet but as amazing as Phryne and her supporting cast are I am sure there will be many more episodes.

What next?  Well hopefully season four and I am really looking forward to reading the over 20 novels written by Kerry Greenwood!



12 thoughts on “Addicted to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”

  1. At first when I saw your Miss Fisher article, I thought you were a blog I commented on before. But I see by the date that you are not. I’ve seen all of the Miss Fisher’s and can’t wait for season four. Speaking of your Asian interest (per your About Me, section) (btw, your story about Japanese food ignorance is one for the grandchildren, eh?), did you enjoy the few storylines in Miss Fisher when she has an Asian (I think Chinese) lover. Then, he returns in later episodes to have her deal with his future wife. Miss Fisher dealt with it like it was nothing, —no hard feelings (just sex, lol). That mother of his though. What a card. Although I was a little put off that Miss Fisher understood the language (Mandarin?) in one episode and not another. Miss Fisher can wear those clothes, can’t she?

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