Make My Day, Orchids That Keep On Blooming!


This lovely orchid is somehow surviving my my house.

It is bumped daily by large dogs barking at the mailman and any other intruder in the yard.  It also is regularly NOT watered.  I do remember to give it a special orchid only food about twice a year and water it about 3 times a month.

I got this from my choir buddies when my husband died a couple of years ago and this is the third or fourth time it has bloomed.  I think just in time for



18 thoughts on “Make My Day, Orchids That Keep On Blooming!”

    1. Thank you, it is the most abused plant in the world. I have another orchid that blooms when this one is not blooming. That is the second most abused plant in the world. Go figure. It is so dry here in Colorado that I don’t know how they are surviving!

      1. Before my dad died he lived with us and he and I went to an orchid show. Daddy was quite enamored of the orchids and after talking to several of the vendors we decided that we needed one.
        I think we over loved it–watered too often. It didn’t last long. We decided just to admire them at orchid shows.

      2. A friend of mine was given an orchid where the instructions said to give it like 2 ice cubes each week. I don’t think they like a lot of water and that must be the trick.

  1. My daughter does the ice cube trick and she keeps them blooming year round, even with 4 huge dogs and 2 teenage sons.

    Sounds like you received a very special Valentine’s gift this year ~

      1. Took a while to catch her…no fertilizer, although she did confess to replacing them from time to time. She gets them at the local farmers market, right from the nursery, and then neglects them!!

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