EnduraPet My Favorite Vendor at 2016 Denver Dog Show


This year I was pleased to see EnduraPet, my favorite dog supplement provider, had returned to the 2016 Denver Dog Show.

I have been using EnduraPet for about six years now and have never been disappointed with results.

Here is a post I did about how their Mobility Plus+ changed my ageing German Shepherd’s life Mobility Plus+

The quality of their products continues to impress me.  I have a rescue dog suffering from Addison’s Disease.  He is quite nervous during stormy weather such as thunder and extreme wind.  He is also no so happy with fireworks.  I have been using the Calming Plus+ product for about three years and find it does just that, calms poor Roscoe’s nerves.  The wind, thunder and loud fireworks still bother him; but, with the help of Calming Plus+, he is able to settle down and wait out the event.

Rommy, Roscoe and Monty
Rommy, Roscoe and Monty


For more info go here to www.EnduraPet.com

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