Kyle meets The Flash, page four.


Barry Allen aka The Flash kept me on my ass, his piercing gaze daring me to move.

To proud to look away I met his stare and fell into the mystery realm, Calalus.  A castle on a hill.

In a dizzy “Where’s Waldo” moment I realized there were three flying machines hidden in my vision….

And the Silverbell artifacts? I needed to see these in person. Discovered in 1924, right here in Arizona…, pictures drawn by some wannabe sanseilife archeologist artist would not suffice.


Might I be destined to save the universe?  I would need help and I knew there was help in Calalus.

Still on my ass I realized I was headed for a great adventure.

Kyle, page one

Kyle, page two

Kyle, page three


3 thoughts on “Kyle meets The Flash, page four.”

    1. Thank you! the artifacts are real and a mystery. Found on Silverbell Road near Tucson. One of the artifacts mentions Calalus the unknown land. I love real history!

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