This weekend at the 2016 Hina Matsuri Festival Homemade Manju


The ladies have been busy cooking for the festival. Homemade manju, spam musubi and chicken  teriyaki bento boxes each day while they last.


The Festival is open to the public and free of charge.

Some information on dolls displayed:  Kokeshi DollsOtafuku-SanPictures from Past Hina Matsuri Festivals

Also on display are Bonsai (miniature plants and trees) Bonsai at Hina Matsuri Festival and Ikebana (flower arranging) Ikebana at Hina Matsuri Festival

On the stage: Taiko Drums, Martial Arts and variety of music.  Taiko with Toni 2015 Hina Matsuri Festival

Other interesting displays are the Kimonos Wedding Kimono, Gaman Art from Internment Camp The Art of Gaman in Internment Camps, a Display at Hina Matsuri Festival

Hope you can join us!



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