Iron Pour Art


Here’s how they stop the iron from pouring from the copulas where a continuous supply is being melted.

Iron casting.  Molten iron poured into tiles or molds.

The public was allowed to participate, buying tiles for $10 and creating their own fantastic artwork and sculptures.


Here’s my friend Mary Lou’s tile mold.   When she gets the finished product cleaned up and polished will share it with you.


This is from an iron pour she did last year.


Graphite was painted into the molds,  this prevents the iron from sticking to the tile when it’s poured.


Here’s another tile.  Day of the Dead theme.






Filling the tiles with molten iron. After a brief wait tiles are cracked from the still red hot iron pieces which are then dropped into a bucket of water to finish the cooling.


Here they’re pouring molten iron into some of the molded sculptures .


Mary Lou and I both had holes in our jackets from this display!

Had a great evening.  Next time I just might buy a tile and create some art!



6 thoughts on “Iron Pour Art”

    1. It is done through an art school for fund raising. In the fall they will probably do another at the art center. It is way cool and a way for families to creater art together.

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