Kombucha on Tap!

imageKombucha, a lovely fermented beverage touted to have many health benefits.  Usually found in glass bottles at your local health food store.  Now you can get this beverage on tap in some establishments.  This is a Happy Leaf orange basil Kombucha on tap at Berkeley Untapped in Denver, Colorado.

Do you remember the first time you had your favorite beer on tap instead of from a bottle or can?  Well this weekend I had my first Kombucha on tap and the experience was similar to that first time beer on tap experience.  Yummy!

I followed it with an IPA and I forgot to take a picture or write down the name but that IPA was yummy too.


Someone important is a dog lover and these paintings of his dogs are proudly displayed above the bar.  You can bring your pooch on nice days and he or she is welcome to sit on the patio with you.  There is actually a raised dog bed that looks like a trampoline on the patio for dogs!


No food other than snacks like a cheese and cracker plate, pretzels and popcorn. But you are welcome to bring in your own eats.

They also offer wine and cocktails that look equally amazing!

A small Fair Trade Store is tucked in the back supporting developing countries.

The Kombucha flavors are regularly rotated and I don’t know how long the orange basil will be available.  Apparently the on tap beers are rotated regularly too so there is always something new to try.

And my favorite perk?  With each beverage purchased you are given a wooden quarter to place in your favorite charity of choice box, a rotating selection of 3. Of course mine went in the animal box!

Go here for more information:  Berkeley Untapped


6 thoughts on “Kombucha on Tap!”

  1. Holy cow, the artwork of the dog on the left looks just like mine. Had to do a double take for a moment. Sounds like an awesome establishment. I love dog friendly places. Peace, K

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