Roscoe’s Update on Living with Addison’s Disease


When I had my Addisonian Crisis in late 2013 it was after years of being a sickly dog.  I was skinny, nervous, my coat was thin, my muscles were weak, I had a bad appetite and I often had no energy.  My mom thought it was just because I was found as a stray about 5 weeks old and I just was never going to be healthy.  The vets couldn’t ever find anything specific.  Addison’s Disease is a great pretender of lots of other ailments.

Well after over 2 years of monthly injections I can tell you I am a different dog.  I am chunky with good muscle tone, my coat is thick, my appetite and energy are overwhelming.  Hey, she never had to brush me because I had no fur before diagnosis and medication, so now I fight her when I see the brush or fur rake come out!


Here I am helping Lexi today accessing my records.  No mom does not make me wear a purple leash, at least I don’t think it’s purple but I am color blind they say.

The shot?  It just hurts a little.  The staff at my vets’ office really spoils me with the treats so I don’t mind.

The alternative?  A final crisis and my mom would miss me too much so we don’t even mess with my shot schedule.


Here I am thanking mom for my monthly shot and for a trip to the pet store.

My prognosis?  A long, happy and healthy life so long as I get my shot every 28 days!

Remember guys if you have a chronic condition be kind to yourself and take care.


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