Kombucha and Beer on Tap!


Kombucha, a lovely fermented beverage touted to have many health benefits. Usually found in glass bottles at your local health food store.  Now you can get this beverage on tap in some establishments.  This is a Happy Leaf cranberry lavender Kombucha on tap at Atomic Cowboy in Denver, Colorado.

If you like Kombucha in the bottle you have to try it on tap.  Atomic Cowboy also has a serious variety of biscuits.  Biscuit sandwiches, example The Cordon Bleu for $10.50, Buttermilk fried chicken, ham, cheddar cheese & honey butter. Biscuit plates, example Biscuit French Toast for $7.95. Comes with syrup & honey butter. Add compote of the day $2.00.

We tried their pizza, yum.  You can order a whole pie or by the slice, either way with your choice of toppings.  An excellent thin crust pizza.

Not into Kombucha?  They have rotating taps and rotating wines, mixed drinks and just about any scotch, bourbon, whisky or other you can think of.



5 thoughts on “Kombucha and Beer on Tap!”

    1. It tastes a lot different on tap, this company is big in the area and takes special care with the flavors. Its just a little tarter than drinking flavored sparkling water. Well there is always yogurt 🙂

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