Today’s Muse – Labyrinth



Muse: A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s muse is the labyrinth I walk.


My labyrinth is located on top of a hill.  The scenery is breath taking.



The path leading to the labyrinth had moss growing on it today which will disappear when summer replaces spring.  There are also some very small plants which will will be allowed to grow if they are not weeds.


The labyrinth starts and ends here.  A labyrinth is similar to a maze.   The labyrinth’s path however is a clear path.   There is only one way to it’s center.

A time for reflection and a walking meditation.


I always start the journey with no clear intention.  I allow my thoughts to travel where they need to travel.   Today I stopped several times to appreciate small spring flowers.


And some tenacious moss growing on the path.


Different rocks catch my attention and allow me to focus and calm my spirit.


When you reach the center there are wooden chairs to sit on.  Parts of huge logs.


Contemplate your journey and when your spirit is refreshed reverse your travels back to the beginning.

My hero and Today’s Muse, a Labyrinth.






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