Mammograms and Thank You to My Friends



Mammograms are described as a noninvasive medical test. I think the word noninvasive needs to be re-evaluated. Having your breasts squished several times while you are instructed to stand still and hold your breath is invasive.

X-ray images today are digital files and the radiologist can easily compare past mammograms with a recent test.

Mammograms are an important tool in detecting cancer early. Early detection of cancer may help you avoid aggressive treatments like surgery or chemotherapy.

Avoiding tests like mammograms and colonoscopies and ignoring symptoms is foolish.  This is how I lost my husband.  (I am not experiencing any symptoms, just medical test avoidance syndrome.)

My friend Sandy and other friends are helping me deal with just moving on and getting all my health obligations back in line.  Thanks to them I have picked out a new doctor, had a physical, an eye exam, a mammogram, have scheduled a dental appointment and some much needed physical therapy, and last but not least, Sandy has offered to take me to my colonoscopy!

I do need to go back for more tests after my recent mammogram.  Wish me luck!

Please don’t delay these simple tests, I am feeling pretty liberated now that I am getting over my reluctance of medical stuff.

Thank you Sandy and all my friends who are being patient with my avoidance of anything medical right now.  (I thought I was going to be happy if I never saw the inside of another medical building.) I appreciate your sticking with me!



6 thoughts on “Mammograms and Thank You to My Friends”

  1. Having had tubes push into a number places where tubes were not meant to be, I can only say that we don’t have to pretend to like the experiences, some of which can be very uncomfortable… but to avoid them is to jeopardize ones health and life. It just doesn’t make sense! A colonoscopy? Very invasive … but very necessary. Take comfort in the fact that it is a very common and routine procedure. Kudos for what you have achieved so far!

  2. Good girl! A mammogram caught my breast cancer before it had progressed beyond stage 0. And I just finished my second colonoscopy in which a polyp was found and snipped. These tests are literally pains, but we can deal with a little pain to avoid a big one.

  3. In this confusing era of health care/health insurance, the best thing one can do is become proactive about one’s health. My best advice for avoiding all the headaches of the healthcare system is to stay healthy so you don’t need the system. Good for you, Paula.


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