Cancer, the Caregiver and Survivor.

As I travelled the cancer journey with my husband I first experienced the emotions of cancer.  Being recently diagnosed with stage II breast cancer I am now traveling my own journey.  The emotions of the caregiver and cancer survivor are similar for me but each a two sided coin.  Not allowing my husband’s journey to overwhelm mine, well there is the key to my journey.


What?  What does all this mean? Medical terms, your life is out of control and not your own anymore.


Accepting the fact that you or someone you care about has cancer.  Becoming strong and moving forward.


Why is this happening?

Fear and Worry

How am I going to handle this financially?  How am I going to handle this physically?  How am I going to handle this alone?


Living each day one day at a time.  Realizing that I am not alone and the amazing things that others have done to help!

Stress and Anxiety

Reliving all that happened before.  My husband had a difficult time.  Realizing that what I am going to experience is not the same, not as difficult, as what my husband experienced.

Sadness and Depression

Watching a loved one fade away.  What will my journey be like?  No energy and always tired.  Not myself at all.


Did I cause my cancer?  Cancer just happens.


As I tried to support my husband and now deal with different emotions.


Hey my dogs make me smile all the time.  This peach tastes amazing!  That dandelion flower is kind of pretty.  Swimming with my friends makes me happy.  I love the summer festivals!  It looks like I am going to be okay after treatment!


13 thoughts on “Cancer, the Caregiver and Survivor.”

  1. Oh sweetie! I had worried about you because I hadn’t heard from you in such a long time. Prayers coming your way. I had very early stage breast cancer, but my youngest sister-in-law had stage 2, and she did so well. I know you will, too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  2. Sorry to hear that cancer has hit you, but don’t despair. Cancer is not an automatic death sentence anymore. My parents have both had cancer (Dad twice) and are doing well after more than 20 years. Keep your spirits high. From everything I hear and read, positive mental attitude is the best defense to any disease. Good luck.


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