Donating Hair to Children With Hair Loss


Yep, I am donating my hair to Children With Hair Loss.  An amazing organization providing real hair wigs to children at no cost.


Clean braided hair is grouped with other braids of like color.  It takes many donations to make one wig for a deserving child.  My hair grows lightning fast so I am now motivated to take good care of it and become a regular donor.


I love my new haircut.  Paula, my friend and hairdresser, cut my hair at no charge to be part of the donation.

I have a lot to be thankful for and my new look reminds me to stay positive and enjoy my good fortune.

10 thoughts on “Donating Hair to Children With Hair Loss”

  1. Having a daughter who has been through a cancer treatment program and lost her hair, your gesture is appreciated and your “donation” will be so important for somebody else going through similar treatment.

      1. She is a fighter and has beaten the earlier predictions of her future, but the radiation damage is an ongoing issue which is now causing some concerns. Prayers appreciated.

  2. That cut looks great on you, Paula! I donated to CWHL 2 years ago — Jason went with me and took the before & after pictures!

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