Flash Fiction Challenge Response to Nagrij

This is in response to a challenge from Nagrij for a 5 minute story.  Nagrij writes a 5 minute story every Tuesday, except for today when he challenged his readers instead.

Here you go Nagrij:

She lunged again and again.  Teeth bared, fierce snarling, stabbing me hard enough with her muzzle I would have fallen if not for the wall to my back.

Pissing off a trained Police Dog.  Not my smartest achievement.  But I was smart enough not to run or move, she’d be on me in a second.

She was becoming more agitated, foaming at the mouth, and I knew I had to do something fast.  Shoving my prized Prada handbag into her face she clamped down on it.  Diving into her crate I felt the door hit me in the rear as she flew after me.


4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge Response to Nagrij”

  1. Excellent. Did you happen to take note of your time? Did you come in right at 5 minutes, or a bit under?

    On the story itself, well done, a dangerous situation with some good tension.

    1. Thank you. It took me longer than five minutes because I went through my pictures looking for an appropriate one. The writing was about 5 minutes and the looking for the picture was about 3 minutes. I never tried this before and boy I can’t believe how much writing you Nagrij get done in 5 minutes. My five minutes included going back and making some changes though, was that allowed?

  2. Sure. And don’t worry about the picture… I just time the writing myself after all.

    That’s the trick, though, to see how far you can get in five minutes or less without any plot going in. It can be harder than it looks. :p

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