Rescuing Henry #3


The search for Henry is on.  I am doing this backwards and have picked the name for a male dog before finding the dog.

A noble name that brings to my mind a fair and stable character.

Been looking at rescue puppies.  This one was sweet and almost had me.  His sign said Chihuahua/Shepherd mix and I got confused…..  He was very small and I couldn’t wrap my brain around what he might look like as an adult.


This one was a Schnauzer mix. He was extremely wild  and I know nothing about Schnauzers.

Neither was quite the Henry I was looking for.


7 thoughts on “Rescuing Henry #3”

  1. schnauzers bark a lot in my experience…cute and bred for hunting small game I believe. The right Henry will find you…he’s out there just waiting and I’m so happy you are getting a rescue! 🙂 ❤

    1. and this was the other comment of your’s in spam. Yikes! Yeah, I think no schnauzers, they sound too high maintenance, thanks for reading and commenting.

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