Flash Fiction Challenge Response to Nagrij

This is in response to a challenge from (here is his blog site) Nagrij for a 5 minute story.  Nagrij writes a 5 minute story every Tuesday.  This month’s challenge is horror and I accept the challenge.  Here is Nagrij’s story this week:  https://nagrij.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/tuesdays-tale-1042016/

Here you go Nagrij:

Racing down the hall she ran smack into the icy place.  The home of the foul entity that she now lived with.  When she moved in she had no idea of the evilness that had occurred here over the years.  She had a feeling that even with all she was able to discover she still did not know everything.

Henry, her German Shepherd dog for seven years, was right behind her.  His intense yowl raised the hair on the back of her neck.  As she turned around she saw he was looking behind them, at something unseen but clearly approaching with a cold malevolence.

Thinking to gain some strength from Henry’s presence she hugged him tightly and looked between his ears down the hall.  Somehow she now saw what Henry was able to see and knew she was in Hell.


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