Rescuing Henry


Still looking at rescue puppies, my next puppy will be named Henry.

So many cute puppies needing forever homes.


They all tuckered out pretty fast, so young and overwhelmed by too much attention.



Some people liked the skinny ones with long legs and short fur.

img_2976I came back to this puppy several times.  A real people puppy who loved to cuddle.


He really bonded with this woman and she with him! He was happy to cuddle and lick her chin.  She could hardly let go of him long enough for her roommate to cuddle him.

He was definitely a German Shepherd mix and she asked me many questions about the three German Shepherds I have had.  I was honest and told her they are smart, need jobs and attention, lots of training, will get huge, etc.  The more we talked the more I knew she was up to the challenge and intrigued.

They were perfect for each other!

My Henry is still waiting for me to find him🙂


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