Flash Fiction Challenge Response to Nagrij

This is in response to a challenge from (here is his blog site) Nagrij for a 5 minute story.  Nagrij writes a 5 minute story every Tuesday.  This month’s challenge is horror and I accept the challenge.  This week I wrote the next chapter to his weekly challenge Tuesday’s Tale.

Here you go Nagrij:

The hallway walls caressed the ghost hunter’s shoulders.  His bulk apparent in the creak of the old floor boards as he entered the heart of the old house.  Light bulbs changing back into candle sconces as he passed.  The dim lighting from the flames did nothing to warm the cold and his breath came in silvery whispers and frozen exhalations.

The end of the dim hallway could not be seen yet but he continued to creep forward, hoping the camera would come to life.  Looking at his watch he saw it was only 12:06, only 2 minutes had passed…

A shadow at the end of the hall was visible now, he prayed it was that intern arriving at the job late.


4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge Response to Nagrij”

    1. This was fun! I had a good beginning to work off of. It took me over 5 minutes but less than 10 because I kept going back to your story to try to keep it flowing. Thank you, I had a good time writing this.

  1. Surprisingly well written piece. Visually, graphically and emotionally accepted. There’s that a suspense. Though I’m not a fan of horror stories : )

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