Today’s Extreme Dessert, Prohibition Treats’ Liq-Creme Alcohol Infused Ice-Cream

img_0633 img_0638

Today’s Extreme Dessert?  Ice cream infused with alcohol.

My current favorites?  Chocolate Raspberry and Caramel Apple.

The Caramel Apple cannot be described in writing, you have to taste it! Puréed apples give this ice cream a once in a lifetime flavor.


Meet Brian Fashaw, our ingenious creator.

Personally making each signature blend to insure a taste that will amaze.  Rotating flavors seasonally, what is in the works?  A pumpkin cheesecake any day.


The Total Beverage (Westminster Total Beverage, 9359 Sheridan Blvd., Westminster, CO 80031) is hosting Brian at their free tasting area.  You can try four flavors tomorrow October 15th between 4 and 7 which include the two I brought home plus White Russian and Grasshopper.  Must be 21 years of age to indulge.img_2994 img_2996


I also picked up some great wine.  The box wine was recommended to me by Mary who always remembers exactly what I like.  She thought of this immediately because it is organic and delicious.


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