Flash Fiction Challenge Response to Nagrij

This is in response to a challenge from (here is his blog site) Nagrij for a 5 minute story.  Nagrij writes a 5 minute story every Tuesday.  This month’s challenge is horror and I accept the challenge.  We have been building on each other’s stories and here is Nagrij’s story this week:  Tuesday’s Tale

And here is my continuation of Nagrij’s story:

The hair on the back of his neck stood up just as he felt the temperature in the hallway go up.  He looked down at his temperature meter and watched as the digits climbed slowly at first and then clicked up faster and faster.  Forgetting that he had returned to the top of the stairs he stepped back, twisted ankle once again giving out, tumbling down the long flight of stairs in fear and confusion.

The creature was back, lumbering after him down the stairs, its anger creating the rising heat.  Mouth now opening and closing in a mesmerizing chewing motion, rows of teeth reaching for him as it shrieked.  When the creature shook his head to toss his long hair from his eyes he saw with a jolt of recognition that

Had to stop here as my five minutes was up so lets see what Nagrij does with this! Brouhaha!


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