Leave Satire to the Experts and What I Learned Blogging About Donald Trump

I recently tried my hand writing satire in my post “Letter to Donald Trump.”

I didn’t even come close.

I did get a couple of nice comments from a couple of bloggers who got the point of my post.  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

What did I learn?

Leave satire to the experts!





11 thoughts on “Leave Satire to the Experts and What I Learned Blogging About Donald Trump”

    1. No, I was really trying to be slightly sarcastic and a brat. Yikes! I really really need help with my writing. Sigh. Seriously, no sarcasm? I felt a bit rude, especially when I asked “Who are you?”

  1. You can’t be sarcastic if you’re not. : ) But one can be subtly ironic. There are gradations in there. Words come easy and not, now they do and then they don’t. As to me, an explicit language is rougher than implicit one. The latter is often tacit but is approved by a few of those who are not calling themselves as experts, and by those possessing some refined senses.Thus you should not worry about the number. : )

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