Don’t watch TV? You may be missing out!



I don’t watch TV. Imagine my shock yesterday, yes on Black Friday, when I saw this amazing product in the “As Seen on TV” section.


Roscoe, my German shepherd mix ( for those of you who have a German shepherd you know how much they shed ),  hates to be groomed. But he loves to be petted.

This glove actually works for him!  He stood quietly with his eyes slightly shut in enjoyment and let me massage some loose fur out of his coat.


Roscoe says:  Future pictures of me will be sleek no lumpy fur.

I hate to say this but Black Friday was a win for me!


4 thoughts on “Don’t watch TV? You may be missing out!”

  1. I never never heard of nor seen these. I don’t have dogs now, but until recently I had a dark German Shepherd mix and a blonde Border Collie. Sure wish I had that glove (realistically, several gloves) then. Still may get one for my frequent dog visitors. Thanks for sharing this! And testifying that it works!

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