I Got Mail!


Hi! Guest blogger Henry here.  Hey I got some mail, and it wasn’t a bill!


Just setting up my life and making connections.  My Mom says it’s really important to have a health record on file and  my doctor makes being healthy easy by making me feel special and keeping in touch.



9 thoughts on “I Got Mail!”

  1. I hope that you have along and healthy life, Henry. A vet is very important, as we discovered this week. Max had a very nasty abscess, but a visit to the vet and some antibiotics mean he’s feeling much better now.

  2. “Making connections” BOL BOL BOL!! Love it! You may like it now, but wait and see just how closely they keep in touch! I don’t mind the Vet but boy oh boy they sure like to “connect” too much! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  3. Hello Henry,

    Don’t forget when you are at the clinic to say hello to Kevin. He knows your foster Mom well. Stay healthy good boy.

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