Doomsday Clock Advanced by Trump?

© Provided by AFP The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist's
© Provided by AFP The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist’s “Doomsday Clock” — which serves as a metaphor for how close humanity is to destroying the planet — was last changed in 2015, from five to three minutes to midnight

The Doomsday Clock has lost one-half a minute, apparently at least partly (possibly largely?) due to comments made by President Trump.  How close are we to destroying the planet?  Read the whole story here:

If you need to be cheered up after this, go here for the Puppy Bowl’s Starting Line Up:


Number 15, Lucky, will warm your heart.



10 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock Advanced by Trump?”

  1. Trump… I can’t believe such a person can’t be a President one day! >.< He's making America great again for a small amount of people – millionaires and billionaires who have the same interests with him- and isolating America from the rest of the world by moving backwards in everything! Sigh…..

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