Lymphedema Treatment Act

Imagine you are told you have a condition that requires lifetime treatment.  The supplies you need are simple, some are expensive, but necessary to control your condition.  And then you find out your treatment supplies are consumed very quickly and must be replaced constantly.  And none of those supplies are covered by insurance.  And finally you realize if you don’t pay for all these supplies your condition will deteriorate and get worse.

There are many causes of lymphedema.  It touches people of all ages.


7 thoughts on “Lymphedema Treatment Act”

    1. If you go to that link there is a bar on the left side where you can send an automatic email to your state’s representatives asking them to please support the act so some of these costs might get covered by insurance. It took me about 2 minutes because I added a paragraph about my personal experience but it takes less than a minute to just do their suggested email and they have all the states broken out already so you just pick Florida. The most automatic thing I have ever seen. If the ran the insurance companies it would be nifty…. Thanks Leslie for participating if you can.

    2. P.S. The children I’ve seen suffering from Lymphedema is heartbreaking. If they don’t get their condition under control and keep it under control it will devastate their lives, and since is is a battle for the rest of your life after you are diagnosed, sigh.

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