LympheDivas Helping me cope with Lymphedema

Not a tattoo but a compression sleeve and glove to combat lymphedema.

Lymphedema was caused by damage from my cancer treatments.  I have to wrap my arm like this every night, applying compression to my arm to keep the accumulation of lymph fluid from swelling my arm into a scary huge mess:

Compression is 24-7.  During the day it is sleeves and gloves.  The sleeves and gloves suggested by my physical therapist are the same color and ugly as heck.  Note the seams on the fingers, makes typing a chore.

Discouraged I scoured the internet to find alternatives.  Ta-da!  LympheDivas, a comfortable and fun alternative.

Just working up the courage to wear one of these:


27 thoughts on “LympheDivas Helping me cope with Lymphedema”

    1. Thanks for the re-blog. If we reach one woman it’ll be amazing! The doctors want you to buy these ugly sleeves and gloves and there cute alternatives out there thanks again

    1. If your friends have scars she does not need compression sleeve have her look at my sassy sleeves they are just arm covers but similar look

  1. Reblogged this on Praying for Eyebrowz and commented:
    Trying to raise awareness for lymphedema sufferers. The cost of supplies are often not covered by insurance even though they are necessary to patients well being. My blogging friend at is affected by lymphedema–a condition she’ll have to deal with for her entire life. Please read more on her site.

    1. Thanks Leslie for the re-blog! The suggestions I got from the doctors were so ugly I just knew there had to be something else out there !

  2. I think these are great. Just wish they made them for legs ~ I wear my bandage-coloured stocking every day ~ would love a funky alternative!

      1. Oh my, these are fabulous. I will definitely look at purchasing one of these styles.
        I wear a Juzo support stocking, in a wonderful shade of ‘bandage beige’, but these look so much nicer.
        I visit my lymphoedema nurse tomorrow for my weekly massage session, so will show her these, too.

      1. I wonder if my lymphoedema nurse could order me some of these, rather than issuing the Juzo stockings that I wear now.
        They are brilliant.

      2. Let me know how it goes so if another lady asks I can pass on your experience. My insurance doesn’t cover any of my supplies so I shop around for sales and good prices. Good luck!

      3. Thank you, I will.
        I receive one pair of stockings every six months from my nurse (our NHS). They do seem to last very well.

  3. Do you know if they Are they able to get you one of the pretty colored ones? If I see them on sale somewhere I’ll let you know because it’s always nice to have an extra yeah?

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