What have I been up to? And thank goodness for my Uncle Sam!

Henry here with an update.  I now weigh 60 pounds.  Mom could hardly lift me up to weigh me.  This is the weight the rescue people told Mom I would reach when full grown.  Um, I am only seven months old and still growing.  You do the math.  Maybe we can start a pool to guess my final weight!

What have I been up to?  Well Mom has this condition called Lymphedema which requires her to wear compression sleeves and gloves.  The gloves are $125 a piece.  I don’t know what got into me but I ate one early in the morning while Mom was still asleep…..  Here it is, I chewed off the thumb and 2 fingers.

Below is what an unchewed glove looks like:

Mom was not pleased.  I had to listen to 5 minutes of her explaining to me what a bad puppy I was and how the gloves were off limits and how my puppy chow is $50 per bag and perhaps she would take the cost of a replacement glove out of my puppy chow money but then she felt bad and said she wouldn’t do that BUT might deny me some treats…… blah blah blah blah…..

Then she looked at her email and her brother, my beloved Uncle Sam, had gotten her a gift certificate for this same Lymphedema garment site.  This was that very same morning, perhaps even at the exact time I was munching on her glove.  I am sure me and Uncle Sam have an ESP relationship.

THANK YOU UNCLE SAM!  (Uncle Sam, Mom is still giving me treats!)


10 thoughts on “What have I been up to? And thank goodness for my Uncle Sam!”

  1. Henry, you are an adorable pupper. I’m sure mom was not mad for long. 🙂 Sounds like Uncle Sam could be your guardian angel! But, you should really try harder to not chew things that are not yours. I hope next time you write, it’s for something good you did! xo

      1. Oh Henry. It is hard, but you must be on Best Behavior. You can do it! I bet you and your siblings have several dog toys. Try to be content with what is for you. It will make your life much easier.

      2. Got be honest Zeb I kind of like being the center of attention when Mom scolds me. I looks at her with sad adoring eyes until she laughs.

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