I Spy a Sunekosuri Yokai!

Sunekosuri Yokai, the shin rubber.  This one I “found” (tripped over) along a path.

Sunekosuri are some little friends of the Tengo Kami.   Hiking in forest they rub against shins and impishly trip you.  Usually they don’t want to hurt you, just make you stumble. You might even hear their faint giggle.

They can invade your house. A rare Sunekosuri Yokai might possess a small rug or even a pet.  In my house they have been able to possess my dogs.   Henry is especially vulnerable since he is a puppy.

If you think the rug in your house is possessed by a Yokai that actually made you fall it might be possessed by the more dishonorable Sunekkorobashi Yokai, a shin toppler!

These Yokai can be invisible and sometimes you seemingly trip over nothing.

Yokai are very mischievous and have short attention spans.   Don’t worry if your puppy or some household object is possessed.  It will only be for a short while as the Yokai will get bored, leave and go on to some other adventure!


12 thoughts on “I Spy a Sunekosuri Yokai!”

      1. Well, the “old” Vikings, a thousand years ago or so, weren’t so boring–all that sailing, pillaging, conquering, etc. But today? Football Vikings? Meh. Viking culture? pretty much down to lutefisk and lefse. 😉


  1. Lutefisk, NO WAY! Can’t think of a “normal food” (i.e.–one that is not bugs, or eyeballs, or Rocky Mountain Oysters–those sorts of weird foods) that smells or tastes worse than lutefisk, but many Scandinavians think it’s a delicious delicacy.

    Lefse, however, when made properly, is tasty. A bit delicate to handle– think a very fragile tortilla made with potato instead of wheat or corn)–but with butter, sugar, and cinnamon … MMMM!


      1. I do eat sushi. Not often, and I’m not into eel or squid or “weird” food like that, but give me a good tuna, salmon or shrimp roll with Wasabi and I’m there! 🙂

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