Takayama Women’s Chorale here in Denver August 11, 2017 for a free performance

Takayama, Japan has been Denver’s Sister City Takayama since 1960.  The Takayama Women’s Chorale is singing at Simpson United Methodist Church Friday, August 11, 2017 at 4:30 pm.  The Chorale will be performing traditional Japanese songs.  The performance is free.  For more information please contact Kaitlyn Lyle at 303.923.6865.  Simpson is located at 6001 Wolff Street in Arvada.  Want to learn about Takayama?  Visit the city’s website here:  City of Takayama website (English version): http://www.hida.jp/english/



3 thoughts on “Takayama Women’s Chorale here in Denver August 11, 2017 for a free performance”

  1. FYI, Vancouver’s sister city is Yokohama, we too have a small thriving Japanese Canadian community. In culminates in the Powell Street Festival (Aug 5) here, you can Google it. It is a neighbourhood of the city where Japanese settled in the past. I have attended the fest every year since the 80s. BC, sadly, has a regrettable history given the years of internment for Japanese during the war years. The government did provide a financial redress for individuals, my father included, who were effected by the internment.

      1. Yes, all the good parts haha. Mum is British by birth, Dad is Japanese. I was involved in the community more in the past, and speak, sad to say, almost no Japanese, nor my many cousins. I have yet to be to Japan, nor my father, who is in his nineties now. OTOH been to England many times. I love Miyazaki and Coronation Street, don’t judge ha! ha!

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