Scrap Blanket Confession

I recently purchased a knitting book that had a beautiful blanket knitted from your scrap yarn.

The idea was to knit each row with a different string of yarn to use up your scraps.   Because each row was different you could use any weight of yarn, just alternate the weights to keep a flat blanket.

If you had enough scrap yard you could do a theme like cool colors only or warm colors. Or you could group the cool colors together and gradually work towards the warm colors.  Whatever your scraps allowed you to do.

Well being a new knitter and only having completed a few projects, I have a no scraps.

So I created my own version of scraps…  I’m buying different skeins of yarn that are on sale.   I’ll probably have enough “scraps” to knit many lap blankets for my chemo ministry.   And I am leaning towards cool colors for calming blankets.


15 thoughts on “Scrap Blanket Confession”

  1. That’s a wonderful idea! And don’t worry: even as a relatively new knitter you will have lots of scrap yarn soon 😉 Thanks for tip – now I know what I can do with mine 😄

    1. Thanks for reading and taking a moment to comment. I forgot to say if you are using any bulky yarns the instructions said to use a needle appropriate for bulky, don’t change needles, the lighter yarns will be fine on the fatter needles.

    1. Yes you do it on Circular needles sized for your bulkiest yarn, don’t change and needles. They suggest a size 11 (US). Cast on 150 leave tales to use as part of your Fringe and add to the fringe with 4 to 6 inch strands. They also suggest at least 15 to 20 different yarns, different weights, Furry and shiny and really mix it up.I got this from one of my thrift store rescue books!

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