Helping the Homeless, This Month’s Gift Sack

I was speaking to a former homeless person a couple weeks ago.

He recently was employed and had found a place to live. His life had turned around, so happy and grateful, so optimistic for a different future.

He knew I occasionally put together little gift sacks for homeless in Arvada.

He invited me to the restaurant where he now worked as a cook for a free meal.  Being from the south he was excited to be making waffles and fried chicken again!

I wasn’t sure these gift sacks were doing any good.  I realized his  wonderfully positive and infectious cheerful energy has stayed with me since that day. The benefit turned out to be mine……

What’s in my gift sacks this month?   Socks, washcloth and liquid soap, and a variety of snacks.


13 thoughts on “Helping the Homeless, This Month’s Gift Sack”

  1. I am sooo happy for this gentleman, that is just fantastic! I also love how he was eager to give back, to YOU………….he will succeed for sure. Also, thank YOU for the incredibly thoughtful blessings you are bestowing on the homeless. (((hugs)))

    1. Rebel Rodriguez, Arvada’s woman of the year, runs some programs out of the Rising Church in old town Arvada. She could use help. If you are interested let me know. I work full-time so I can’t help her as much as I would like to. We were just talking this last weekend she really need somebody to help her organize donations of things like clothing toys shoes and books. I think she gets really shorthanded on Saturday morning and Monday morning’s when she does her food bank in kind of a mini free thrift store . But if you want to do gift bags let me know when I can give you ideas of what to put in there. My next ones were going to be for maybe Thanksgiving with little Punkin pie’s and some other stuff I know the homeless could really use. Thanks again for reading and commenting. You and the ducks and me you’re going to have to get together sometime


  2. This is an amazing thing to do. It sucks to be homeless, ive been there. It is hard to climb out of the hole. Keep it up. 🙂

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