Pet Portraits at Paint N Sip

Barkley’s Mom and my Mom spent the evening painting their favorite boys!

Bright acrylic paints that Auntie Jane went crazy with!

Too fun!  These paints are forgiving and even Mom felt comfortable using them.

Henry Paint N Sip

She picked this picture of me experiencing my first snow storm.  Yikes what a day that was!

Henry and snow

I love snow now!


22 thoughts on “Pet Portraits at Paint N Sip”

  1. Paint and “sip”? What were you sipping? Bet it wasn’t coffee. Looks like whatever you were sipping brought out your hidden artistic talents. Marley thinks that’s a great depiction of Henry.

  2. How fantastic your pet portraits came out. Thanks for sharing.

    The paint and sip events here in California seem to be classes in which everybody paints the same tableau. It’s a bit too cutesy. Yet I might enjoy the effort.

    Wish I had the talent to portray my pets as well as you both depicted yours. 🤓

    1. Thank you, it was a lot of fun. My friend Jane and I are going to try some painting on our own. The class was so large that we didn’t get any help from the teacher, we helped each other 🙂

    1. Thank you! Henry loves snow now, it was his first exposure and he wanted me to carry him, stinker. He was a little puppy that day and the snow was so deep he followed the big dogs around so they could make him some paths to walk in.

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