This Week’s Extreme Dog Treats

Hi!  Roscoe, Monty and Henry here with a guest blog post.

This weeks extreme dog treats!  Two huge bags of Wag More Bark Less biscuits, beef tendens, duck feet, duck necks, chicken necks and YAY dried rabbit ears.


WE ARE NOT SPOILED! We are extreme spoiled!


13 thoughts on “This Week’s Extreme Dog Treats”

  1. You three are so cute and adorable. Looks alone can get you treats. I’m just s little concerned about eating duck feet, and especially worried about you eating duck necks. Remember, we are your friends, not snacks. 🐕🐥

    1. For some reason I only have the boy dogs. I always have three. You’d have to come back as a boy dog. You could be one of my friends dogs though I take them snacks when I think about it

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