Anonymous Card! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Monty here with a guest post.  I got this anonymous card in the mail. No return address and no signature. I think it’s a joke but I’m a dog so I’m not sure. Help me out here! Are those green shamrocks supposed to be my spots?

I think I’m much cuter than the dog on the card…

Maybe mom will give us corned beef for dinner. I hope she doesn’t give us cabbage instead!


5 thoughts on “Anonymous Card! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

      1. We’re not fans of corned beef and really don’t like cooked cabbage. So we ducks took our humans to Cinzzetti’s in Northglenn. We went Friday night and loved it. Hope you adorable pups got what you wanted for dinner. 🐕🌈🐥

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