True Confessions

So, I thought it was embarrassing enough to admit I thought the Pooh emoji 💩was a Hershey kiss emoji! Here’s my latest confession:

I have a sticker on my car, a magnetic sticker, for a friend’s daughter who needs a kidney. It says “Ally Needs a Kidney”

I  was visiting a friend’ s granddaughter in the hospital and I parked my car on the street near the Children’s Hospital.

My friend happened to be there when I was visiting. When I was ready to leave she said she drive me to my car. She asked which car did you drive?  The one with the kidney sticker on it?   Yup.  We drove up and down the few streets I could’ve parked on near the hospital looking for the sticker.  We drove past a car just like mine but no sticker….  Then we drove down a few more streets that were a little farther out.  No car with a sticker.  Eventually we decided my car was stolen because there was no car with a sticker on it and called the police and my insurance company to report my car stolen.

We took one more sweep and realized the car without a sticker was my car.  I had taken the sticker off to run it through the car wash and forgot to put it back on!  Thank goodness my friend is easygoing.  She just laughed and said she was glad we found my car.  We spent several hours talking while on this search and dinner after we found my car.  At least we are all caught up on our gossip!


3 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. Your story reminds me of a time I unlocked someone else’s car many years ago. It looked just like my car same make and model. My friend was on the passenger side and I went to the drivers side and I had to fiddle my key but I got it open. Then I reached in and let her in but I didn’t sit down. Both of us kept looking at the inside thinking someone broke in because things were different. But who would break into a car to put stuff in? There was even a concerned citizen wondering how he could help. Then I turned my head and saw my car parked a few rows down! We slammed the doors so quick and hightailed it to my car and couldn’t believe we both made the mistake of confusing my car. That car looked so much nicer than mine. LOL The concerned citizen just walked away laughing.

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