My Earliest Memory



Your earliest memory will be a childhood memory that touched your soul, shaped your future or perhaps was the most important event in your life.

In 1959 one of the heaviest September snow storms of record began as rain and changed quickly to heavy wet snow.  The storm caused massive damage to trees and shrubbery which were still in full leaf.  The storm dumped 10.6 inches of snow at Stapleton Airport in Denver, the third heaviest September snow amount to date.  Falling trees and limbs disrupted traffic…broke power and communication lines…and damaged buildings and cars.  When it was all over on October 1st, after three intense days, well over 10 inches of snow had fallen.

It was at this time my brother Sam decided to enter the world.


Mommy was really fat and the snow made her fatness a problem.   She had to go to the hospital right after the big snow storm when the roads were still bad.

She was at the hospital for what seemed like a long time to a little girl not even three.  But whatever the hospital was Daddy said she would be coming home from there soon with a surprise.

The day we went to the hospital to get Mommy (and the surprise) was a sunny day.  Daddy parked the car in front of the hospital which was a big  building.  He pointed out this guy who wore a uniform and told me that the guy would be watching over me and not to be scared   It would take him a little while to get Mommy and the surprise.

I thought the guy kind of looked like a policeman.  I already knew about policemen and knew I could trust them.   The guy had a badge too!

I waited a long time and suddenly I wanted to cry but the guy came over and smiled at me and I was brave again.



Out of the hospital building came Mommy and Daddy.  They had a big blanket.  Not a great surprise….  Mommy got in the car and said I should sit in the middle and she and I would share the surprise on our laps.  The surprise blanket was pretty heavy and Mommy showed me something wrapped up inside.  I had a baby brother!


Mommy and Daddy let me hold him all the way home with just a little help from Mommy.

One of the happiest days of my life.

My earliest memory.

My soul was touched that day.  I never feel as lonely as before my brother came in that blanket, after brother is much better!

Maybe this was the most important event in my life.


Make My Day The Rescue Dogs


A big thank you to T & T (you know who you are) for the anonymous gift to the rescue dogs.

We know from first hand experience that our rescuers sometimes have trouble finding donations of food to keep us fed and healthy until we find our forever homes.

Treats are a total luxury and rescue dogs do not get these very often.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of T & T boxes of treats (huge boxes of treats containing smaller boxes and containers) were delivered to Clear Creek Animal Hospital who shared them with the different animal rescue groups they support.

Thank you T & T for remembering us and caring!

Love and dog licks,

Rommy, Roscoe and Monty





Crystal, a Gift for Happiness


Sandy told her husband on their recent trip to Arizona that she was going to buy me a rock.  I can imagine Tom smiling here. I don’t know if she knew why she was going to buy me a rock…  She returned with this crystal.   She had picked out a different one at first but changed her mind, this one made her happier.

I thought it was either:

CITRINE –  Wards off fear forms that are generated from other’s suggestions, instills confidence in the personal self.


CARNELIAN – To ward off evil thoughts, jealousies, animosities, and psychic attacks toward the individual, inspires bravery and courage.

So I actually went to somebody who deals with crystals today and they told me they thought it was a crystal called Calcite.  It has both green and gold properties.

A green and gold calcite would clean negative energy from any room, promote higher awareness, promote hope with dealing with loss, promote motivation and trust in oneself, promote mental healing and restore balance to the mind.

Oh my gosh, just what I need at this point in my life!

Flashback to hippie days:  Some years ago I was passing by a New Age Shop and stepped in because I was curious.  I was surprised how busy it was and how open, airy and bright.  There were many crystals of different sizes, some made into jewelry.  There were also things I didn’t have a clue about but nothing was alarming or scary…

The salesman noticed me milling around and asked if he could answer any questions.  I asked him if he could show me some crystals that were “good” crystals.  He became serious and said that many things in life could be used for good or for evil.  He only encouraged people to use crystals or anything else for good.  It was too dangerous to have anything around you that could be used for evil.

Since that time I have purchased many different pieces of jewelry and art made from crystals and stones.  But only if they feel good and cheerful.

This gift from Sandy is definitely a happy and good crystal and has a treasured place sitting in the sun in my front room.  Be assured that it was selected after careful deliberation by my friend and is used only for good in meditation and prayer.  (Two of my dogs, Roscoe and Monty, are known to carry and chew stones and this stone has been safe on a ledge in their reach for weeks, they told me it was too happy for them to torment.)

What better good could come from this gift that was chosen so carefully with love and with joy?


Learning to go it alone.


Monty jumped on Roscoe playfully last night but the scream Roscoe let out stopped Monty in his tracks.  Roscoe and I were on our way to the emergency vet immediately.  I instinctively wanted to call my husband who would calm me down on my drive to the clinic.

It was a habit really.  Kelly may have worked out of town a lot but he was always available when I needed him.   I remembered again that I was going to have to do this alone.  One more thing in the string of things that happen every day.  Big and small things, things you share with your spouse.


Cancer stole Kelly from me.  I am mad, I am sad, but mostly I’m alone.

But sometimes I don’t feel so alone, sometimes I feel like somebody is with me and helping me.  Just when I think:  “Oh my gosh I just can’t do this anymore”, something wonderful happens and I can move forward.


Greasy Gooey Yummy Pizza


As I was taking my greasy gooey yummy pepperoni pizza out of the oven I said to myself “I need to eat more healthy. ”

If you have read my blog for a while you know I cook from scratch for my pets.  I use organic ingredients most of the time.  Consequently most of the time they eat better than I do!

Homemade dog food (recipe here) for my three boy dogs and homemade parrot food  (recipe here) for four parrots.

I recently make some healthy snacks for my pets for Valentine’s Day (recipe here)   And discovered they were pretty tasty so I’ve been eating them too.

Well maybe I’ll make myself a salad, or have another piece of pizza🍕, decisions decisions…



Jason The Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality 10 “Facts”

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my stats on WordPress while waiting for the microwave to beep.

I had a bunch of comments, views, likes and visitors, I thought I must’ve accidentally accessed some other WordPress blogger’s account!

Within about six hours I had surpassed my previous daily record on comments, views, likes and visitors!

What happened? JASON from Opinionated Man and Harsh Reality….

Jason had reblogged a short post I did commenting about a WordPress notification.

Jason always offers to reblog, guest post, guest blog, and share a post.   I never took him up on it because I figured it was for his more sophisticated followers but now I realize he can help even us little guys from the suburbs. I’m from Arvada, Colorado. Hey wait I am pretty sure Jason is from Arvada, Colorado!

So here’s 10 things I wanted to share that I know about Jason:

  1. Jason is a gentleman he has always answered my stupid questions quickly and politely.
  2. Jason truly deep down cares about the new bloggers.  He’s kind and responds to their comments in an encouraging way.
  3. Jason’s family is adorable.  (This should be moved to number 1 but I am too lazy.)
  4. Jason is a fun read I don’t always agree with him but I almost always get his point.
  5. Jason doesn’t sleep, he blogs continuously.
  6. I’ve read a Jason post and thought to myself “I wish I had said that!”  (a clever post)
  7. I’ve read a Jason post and thought to myself “I’m glad I didn’t say that!” (I’m a scaredy-cat)
  8. Some readers find Jason abrasive, obnoxious, rude, etc. but that’s what makes him interesting.  He is not afraid to state his opinion and he is going to get a rise from some portion of the WordPress community and beyond.
  9. Jason’s writing is varied and eclectic.  He has surprised me more than once.
  10. Harsh Reality and Jason the Opinionated Man is one of the first blogs I followed.  I have learned a lot from Jason and look forward to reading him forever.  Lets hope he never gets discouraged … too many of us enjoy his presence.

Thanks Jason!


Make my Day Not, WordPress huh?



This is a recent notification I got from WordPress:

“Your blog, sanseilife, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 39 hourly views – 0 hourly views on average”

Was this designed to upset me, make me cry, zero hourly views on average boo hoo!  😢👎😧😓😒 Really WordPress I’d rather not get any of these notifications!

Be The Match

be the match

To learn more about bone marrow transplants and other types of transplants go here:

Read about the first bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor, 10 year old Laura Graves in 1979, a successful procedure that saved her life.

Learn and find other important information and ways you can help.

Please consider being the match for someone in need.

Prayer blanket for Minnie


Minnie lives in Georgia. She has become part of the Simpson community here in Colorado and our thoughts and prayers have been with her recently.

The congregation joined together and put all their thoughts and prayers into this blanket which will be sent to her.  This blanket will remind her of the love we have for her.


We hope this prayer blanket will encourage Minnie, lift her spirits and put a smile on her face!