Looking for something new to do in Denver?


My daughter and son-in-law have moved to Colorado.  She is in to tattoos and he loves motorcycles and cars.  I wanted to surprise them with something fun this weekend and look what is happening in Denver!

Okay, they also have live music and they got me on the Rock’a’billy.


Little Free Library a.k.a. Book Exchange



Booker here, a guest blogger at sanseilife and a Little Free Library.

Who visits the Little Free Library?

John and his dog Shadow visit every day for 2 dog treats.  Shadow first must sit and then shake hands.

John never even looked at the books.  Just not interested in reading some story.  Today this book caught his eye.


John has always wondered about fly fishing and just retired last year.  John definitely has the reading bug now!



Who knows how many books are sitting on shelves waiting to be read or reread.   This free program allows you to pick a book, keep it for as long as you need to finish reading it, return it and exchange it for a new book.

Or do you have a favorite book you want to share with others?  Just place it in the free reading library!  You may change someone’s life.

This is really a neighborhood book exchange located in the small suburb of Arvada, Colorado at 74th and Wadsworth.  It creates an opportunity for neighbors to share books, including children’s books.

The best part?  Note the dog treats!

Booker out now, hope to see you soon.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey


Who knew Colorado had a fine whiskey brewer?

From the Shanahan’s website:

“This whiskey glowed amber from the start. When volunteer firefighter Jess Graber responded to a neighbor’s barn fire down the road, he never imagined any good could come of it. But the barn he made effort to save belonged to George Stranahan, long-time liquor connoisseur. When the fire settled, the two discovered a shared passion for the Colorado outdoors and a good pour of fine whiskey.”


I took the tour and it was awesome!


Got there early before the tour and hung out in the lounge with a Cherry Mendez consisting of Stranahan’s, Luxardo cherry juice and lime. Yikes! Yummy!!


Signed up for the bottling crew lottery, here is the info from the website:

“We bottle a batch of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey approximately once every three weeks. We’ll typically bottle on a rotating weekday, and not usually on weekends. On a typical bottling day, we’ll bring in two crews of about 16 volunteers (32 people) each to fill approximately 5,000 bottles of whiskey in total. The day is divided into two shifts – the first crew will work the AM shift, the second crew the PM shift. A typical shift lasts approximately 5 hours and though you’re required to be on your feet and working for the duration, you’d be surprised how quickly time flies.”

Truthfully, I was not a whiskey  connoisseur before the tour but I have gained an appreciation for well crafted whiskey!

Wish me luck in the lottery!