Walking Dead and Brothers

Believe it or not I just recently discovered The Walking Dead.

I also recently had some surgery and remember being quite out of it. I’m sure my brother could’ve convinced me of almost anything. Fortunately he lives in another state and didn’t have the chance!

So here’s one for my brother and his sense of humor, hope I am not a victim to one of his pranks any time soon!  Hey Sam you had better make room for all of my pets!


Flowers for Kris and Today’s Haiku


We lost my sister Kris six years ago.  My brother-in-law Den had these flowers placed on the alter at church this weekend in her memory.

My memories of her lately have been when we were young.  She was 9 years older than me but still found things we could enjoy together despite the age difference.

One memory I have is of her and I watching spooky movies, just the two of us.  Our younger brother was too little for spooky movies and we waited until he went to bed.  We shared a huge bag of chocolate chip cookies dipped into short glasses of lemonade as we settled in for spooky movies until I fell asleep.

Here is my Haiku:

  • our expectations
  • satisfied with shared terror
  • and sister giggles

Love and miss you Kris!

Make My Day! Mystery Postcard…….


I received this postcard anonymously in the mail!

I say anonymously because there was no return address and the printing was disguised.

Note how carefully this was cut from a newspaper.  It was also taped with one huge piece of tape.    Expertly and perfectly centered.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t have taped this with one piece of tape without it getting wrinkled, off center, basically would have made a mess.

So who do I know who has the patience and expertise for this? It has to be my brother Sam. He’s an engineer and I think this explains it all!



My Almost Antique Bracelet. Thank You Sam!

image This bracelet was hand made for me by my brother when we were both teenagers.

Makes it an almost antique!

It is one of my prized possessions.

The Japanese calligraphy stamped on it is our last name, Matsumoto, which means base of the pine tree.
imageYou can tell from all the scratches that it is in well-worn, appreciated and enjoyed piece of jewelry.

Thanks again Sam.  I think of you every time I wear this.  Love, Paula.

Sketching at Lunch and Meet Carol


I have put a small sketch book in my purse to encourage myself to start drawing.

I was having a quick lunch.  I had just ordered and had a few minutes, hum what to do?

“I am having lunch with Carol, she is going to bring you something this afternoon!”  The gentleman at the next table was speaking loudly into his phone.  I glanced over and was struck by Carol’s expressive eyes.

Out came the sketch book!

Who were they?  I think they were brother and sister. Frank and Carol.  A Christmas Eve lunch date, Frank needed to get back to work but Carol was going to visit their Mom.

Every year, on Christmas Eve, they would give their Mom three poinsettia plants. One red, one white and one pink.

One for each of the three kids.  The tradition continued even after they lost their older sister to a car accident.

Most times Carol’s eyes are sad. Her baby brother Frank is the only one that can bring a smile to her face that reaches her eyes!