Watching TV With Mom, Love Librarians


Henry here, guest blogger on sanseilife.

Love  hanging out in the evenings with my brothers and Mom in front of the TV.   Mom noticed that when one program is on I actually watch the TV screen during the action scenes.

My brother Rommy, who is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, used to watch TV too!  He liked to watch anything to do with animals.


My favorite Librarian is this Asian guy named Ezekiel.  He is a real imp and I want to grow up to be just like him!  He and the other Librarians hunt for magic artifacts and are in constant jeopardy.  The action scenes make me want to chase my tail!


Here I am with my hero John Harlan Kim aka Ezekiel Jones.  I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the show but Mom says it is kawaii (cute) and warms her heart because it reminds her of Rommy.

Today’s Adventure!

Henry at Vet

Hi I’m Henry, the newest guest blogger here on Sanseilife.

Yikes! What a day.  Here I am waiting for my Well Puppy exam.  I am scared.  Although the people are nice, the place smells like other scared dogs and cats.


The vet gave my Mom my exam for free since I’m adopted!

All my parts are where they’re supposed to be and doing what they should be doing.   Everyone was appropriately impressed with my cuteness.

That shot today in my butt sure tuckered me out!


September Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



September’s yoga puppy is Bella doing Lotus Pose.

Monty’s suggestion?  Follow with seated side bends with your best friend.

Come to Easy Pose.   Place your dog in your lap.  Place right-hand on floor at your side-left arm reaches up and over.  Several deep breaths.  Come to center place left hand on floor at your side-right hand reaches up and over.  Several deep breaths.


Carefully flip your legs switching top leg without dislodging your best friend. Repeat on each side.

Monty finds doing yoga with his best friend is much more beneficial than practicing alone.





Ohayo Gozaimasu! Good Morning!


Watashi wa Akazaru.

I am Red Monkey.  Born this month in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey which occurs once every 60 years.

I now live with Sanseilife who was born in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey 60 years ago.

Although I am a trickster, I take my duties in my new home seriously.  I will defend my family against disease and demons using my natural desire to protect and my clever wit to outsmart all evil.

My best friends are the Sanzaru.  Speak No Evil – Iwazaru,  Hear No Evil – Kikazaru, and See No Evil – Mizaru.


Here is good natured Mizaru.  Hontoni kawaii ne? (Really cute huh?)




Roscoe’s Update on Living with Addison’s Disease


When I had my Addisonian Crisis in late 2013 it was after years of being a sickly dog.  I was skinny, nervous, my coat was thin, my muscles were weak, I had a bad appetite and I often had no energy.  My mom thought it was just because I was found as a stray about 5 weeks old and I just was never going to be healthy.  The vets couldn’t ever find anything specific.  Addison’s Disease is a great pretender of lots of other ailments.

Well after over 2 years of monthly injections I can tell you I am a different dog.  I am chunky with good muscle tone, my coat is thick, my appetite and energy are overwhelming.  Hey, she never had to brush me because I had no fur before diagnosis and medication, so now I fight her when I see the brush or fur rake come out!


Here I am helping Lexi today accessing my records.  No mom does not make me wear a purple leash, at least I don’t think it’s purple but I am color blind they say.

The shot?  It just hurts a little.  The staff at my vets’ office really spoils me with the treats so I don’t mind.

The alternative?  A final crisis and my mom would miss me too much so we don’t even mess with my shot schedule.


Here I am thanking mom for my monthly shot and for a trip to the pet store.

My prognosis?  A long, happy and healthy life so long as I get my shot every 28 days!

Remember guys if you have a chronic condition be kind to yourself and take care.


Guest blog post Monty a Blizzard!


Hi my name is Monty and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.


Thank you for your support and reading my dog Haiku!

We had a blizzard yesterday here in Arvada, Colorado.  I am sure it was a blizzard because Mom came home early from work.  Roscoe and I helped her make a batch of home made dog food, yum!  We loved having the extra time with her.


Here are the pictures of Mom’s parking lot at work and the street in front of her building.  This weather prompted her boss to let her come home early.


Here is a picture of one of our cars and our yard.  A true winter wonderland.

Mom is one of the few people who loves a good snow storm so us dogs are lucky to live with her.  Here is my Haiku:

  • snowflakes bite her face
  • she romps with us in the yard
  • fearless as a dog


Today’s Haiku – Theodora Guest Blogger


Theodora, Teddy's sister
Theodora, Teddy’s sister

Hi, my name is Theodora.

I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

My brother Teddy lives in a Jeep but I live in a house.

We both write Haiku.  Here is one we wrote together, we both felt invisible today.

  • the wind twists my heart
  • as you rush past me again
  • i roar with that wind