Hey one of my orchids bloomed!


I have four orchid plants.  All of them received as gifts.  I would never buy myself something so fragile!

Somehow they have all survived my orchid ignorance and random watering schedule.  This especially hardy one did not realize how abused it was and bloomed for Easter!

What a lovely surprise.  These blossoms also reminded me to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty around me.

Thank you brave little orchid!


Thrift Store Rescue


My sister used to collect butterflies.  This bag caught my eye when I stopped at the thrift store to look for knitting needles for our knit for charity group.  Instant smile!  Ran it through the washer and I am going to use it to cart my lunch to work every day.  Hey my sister used to frequent thrift stores too.  She would be happy with this find.


Found some perfectly good knitting needles too!  Yippee!

Make My Day The Rescue Dogs


A big thank you to T & T (you know who you are) for the anonymous gift to the rescue dogs.

We know from first hand experience that our rescuers sometimes have trouble finding donations of food to keep us fed and healthy until we find our forever homes.

Treats are a total luxury and rescue dogs do not get these very often.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of T & T boxes of treats (huge boxes of treats containing smaller boxes and containers) were delivered to Clear Creek Animal Hospital who shared them with the different animal rescue groups they support.

Thank you T & T for remembering us and caring!

Love and dog licks,

Rommy, Roscoe and Monty