Takayama Women’s Chorale here in Denver August 11, 2017 for a free performance

Takayama, Japan has been Denver’s Sister City Takayama since 1960.  The Takayama Women’s Chorale is singing at Simpson United Methodist Church Friday, August 11, 2017 at 4:30 pm.  The Chorale will be performing traditional Japanese songs.  The performance is free.  For more information please contact Kaitlyn Lyle at 303.923.6865.  Simpson is located at 6001 Wolff Street in Arvada.  Want to learn about Takayama?  Visit the city’s website here:  City of Takayama website (English version): http://www.hida.jp/english/


Today’s Haiku



Hi! Roscoe here with today’s guest blog post and Haiku.

When Mom adopted me they told her I was found alone on the streets of Trinidad, a puppy of less than 6 weeks and starving.

I sometimes get scared of things I can’t see and Mom is real patient and loving with me when this happens.

Stormy weather.  Hate it.  I can feel the electricity in the air.  The room closes in on me, pressing me on all sides, choking me.

I can smell the lightning before it strikes, a smell like Mom scrubbing the sink.  Clean but scary, knowing what comes next.

Rolling thunder heard from miles away, louder and louder causing me to pant in fear.  Thunder I can feel in my bones bringing that horrible trembling that I can’t control.

Wind threatening to pick up the house and carry us all away.

  • darkness approaching
  • terrible unknown evil
  • trees bowing in fear
  • darkness descending
  • the pack howls in agony
  • sharp crack and bright light
  • darkness replaced by stillness
  • my once racing heart now yearns
  • hopes for quiet peace












I Spy a Zorigami Yokai!

This old clock has been with my boss forever.  He keeps it in his office sandwiched between some law books.  The thing must be wound by hand each day with a key, a ritual much beloved by an attorney.

I believe this thing is a Tsukumogami in the making.  An object biding its time to reach one hundred years of age, at which time it will become occupied by a spirit.  This clock is specifically a Zorigami Yokai, clock spirit.

It has begun to flex its powers by subtly controlling time.  Have a deadline?  Speeds time up.  Friday afternoons creep by.

How is this happening when it is clearly not one hundred years old?  The one hundred years is just a legend. Any old object can become Yokai, or obtain a spirit, just by virtue of it’s old age.

This old clock is quickly gaining the ability to have a spirit because it is used and touched by human hands each day when my boss lovingly winds it.  In return, if my boss is racing a deadline, this clock has stopped time to allow him to complete his task.

Ever feel uneasy about an old thing and just need to throw it out or give it away?  Trust your intuition on this…


Bachi ga ataru!

This morning Monty and I decided to pull the sheets and covers off Mom’s bed.  We had a fit of hooliganism.  (Hooliganism is a word because spell check did not flag it!)  Mom was not happy.  

She screamed at us “Bachi ga ataru!”  This is a phrase Mom and Uncle Sam heard a lot from their Mom growing up.  What does it mean?

  • What goes around comes around, or
  • Something similar will happen to you (if your actions are mischievous).

All I can say is Mom must have heard this phrase a lot when she was a kid because it slid off her tongue without a thought.

I have been trying to figure out what could happen to us for our actions this morning.  It is our karma that something will happen.We both get caught up in the bed sometimes  when tunneling for Mom under the sheets.  She always has to untangle us before our struggles get too frantic.  I think Mom is going to leave us in the sheets!

Monku! Monku! Monku!

complain complain complain

Growing up it was a contest between me and my brother who could be the biggest monkutare!!

Well he won this contest.  Maybe being the baby of the family gave him extra monku powers, but he sure was cute!   Mom and dad couldn’t stay annoyed with him for too long.  Me and our sister Kris?  We pretended to stay annoyed.

Got to get this surprise box in the mail to him 🐒🐵

Some of the surprise I didn’t include in the picture in case he reads this post 🙊🙈

Broiled Miso Salmon and Blushing Baked Salmon Recipes

The tastiest salmon dishes from Jane who made enough for over 100 people for a recent luncheon at my church, enjoy!

Broiled Miso Salmon

¼ C white (shiro) miso paste*

3 T mirin

2 T sake

1 T sugar

1 T soy sauce

4 salmon fillets

  • Whisk all the ingredients, except the salmon, together in a bowl.
  • Turn the salmon fillets in the marinade to coat, cover and refrigerate overnight.
    • If you are doing an entire half a salmon, after placing it skin side down in a pan, just spread the marinade over the fish, cover and refrigerate overnight. If you only have about an hour to marinate, after coating the fillets, you can place them skin side up so that the flesh is sitting in the marinade and soaks in.
  • To cook the fish, turn on the oven to high heat.
  • Place salmon skin side down in a pan, pat off a some of the excess marinade and cook for about 10 minutes. Check to see how it flakes to see how done it is and to make sure the marinade still on the fish is not burning.  Some people like the salmon barely cooked through and still a little translucent near the middle.  If it is a thicker fillet, it might take more than 10 minutes to have it cook all the way through.
    • For ease of clean-up, use some aluminum foil in the pan since the marinade on the pan instead of the fish will probably burn due to its high sugar content.
    • If you like a little “crispiness” to the outside of the fish, you can cook it on broil instead, but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn.
  • Can garnish with thinly sliced scallions or thinly sliced scallions and either black or white goma.

*Shiro or white miso paste is a mild miso paste and recommended for this recipe to let the salmon shine through, but you could also use Awase miso, a mix of white and red miso if that was what you had.


Blushing Baked Salmon

6 salmon fillets

3 T fresh lime juice*

3 T honey

2 T olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Mint springs and 2 limes sliced in thick wedges for garnish

  • Remove fillets from fridge.
  • Combine lime juice, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper in a marinade
  • Divide the marinade over the salmon fillets and let marinate for about 30 minutes to an hour. Do NOT marinate overnight because the citrus-y lime juice will “cook” the fish like in a ceviche.  After coating the fillets, you can place them skin side up so that the flesh is sitting in the marinade and soaks in.   You can also do a half a salmon, but then I would double the marinade.
  • Turn on the oven to 450 degrees.
  • Place salmon skin side down in an oven proof dish or a pan and cook for about 10 minutes or until done to your liking.
    • Can also put the oven on broil if you like a little “crispiness” to the outside of the fish, but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn.
  • Garnish each fillet with a mint spring and a lime wedge.
    • Alternatively, you can save back a about a tablespoon of marinade, and use a citrus zester (not a microplaner) to peel off lime strips and put them in the marinade along with some thinly sliced mint. Garnish each fish fillet with a little of that mixture along with a lime slice or lime wedge.

* Wash the lime and microwave for about 15-20 seconds to help it release more juice.  How many limes you need will depend on how “juicy” the lime is.  I find a lime will usually give me a little more than 1 T of juice.