What’s Up With Those Robots?


So I now  have a prescription, I take one of these itty-bitty pills every day.

I can only fill it once a month and the thirty pills come in this huge container.

I asked the pharmacy what was up with this and they told me that their robot decides what size container to use.

yikes!  Today I feel smarter than a robot🤖  🤓

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Tumors can be too small to be felt or in a place where they can’t be felt during a physical or self exam.

Mammograms are not fun but can locate these tumors early.

My extremely small tumor could not be felt but had already moved to a lymph node when it was discovered.  I would be in a very bad place if it weren’t for a mammogram.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so spread the news on the importance of mammograms!

If your mammogram is suspicious remember that:img_0625

Enlist family and friends for support!




Once Upon A Time and Henry #2

So my radiation treatments have exhausted me.  I spend hours at a time watching tv.  I am now addicted to this series “Once Upon A Time”.  It really appeals to my sense of fantasy.

One main characters is Henry, the son of the Savior.  The costumes are wonderful and the sets fascinating.  As I watch Henry grow from a boy into a young man, I realize this is a great name for a rescue puppy to grow into a brave dog.  I’m not sure of my rationalization here, remember I am exhausted (and am craving puppy breath).

Donating Hair to Children With Hair Loss


Yep, I am donating my hair to Children With Hair Loss.  An amazing organization providing real hair wigs to children at no cost.


Clean braided hair is grouped with other braids of like color.  It takes many donations to make one wig for a deserving child.  My hair grows lightning fast so I am now motivated to take good care of it and become a regular donor.


I love my new haircut.  Paula, my friend and hairdresser, cut my hair at no charge to be part of the donation.

I have a lot to be thankful for and my new look reminds me to stay positive and enjoy my good fortune.