The Horse Spirit


It is said that if a horse has comes to you in a dream, the horse spirit, there may a new adventure in your future.

To walk with the horse spirit is to walk with dignity and leadership and respect for everything around you.

The adventure may bring you awareness of yourself and your inner strength.

Take a ride with the horse spirit and may he carry you to the place of peace!

I Love……….

Puppy breath!

The spicy smell of carnations

The smell of wet dog!

A new perfume

The sour smell of plain yoghurt

Bar-b-que anything

The earthy smell as I mow the lawn

The clean smell after a rainfall

The smell of a dog sitting in the sun!

A new wine

A wet macaw

A food I am not yet familiar with

Some dryer sheets

Pizza baking

Brownies baking



Thrift store rescue 1

My sister love butterflies.  I bought myself a membership to the Butterfly Pavilion here in Colorado.  Hang out with live butterflies! The gift shop had these neat little butterfly trinkets.


They had these cute little bumblebees too.



I needed something to put them in,  I wanted to see them every day to just keep my sister close.  I planned I’m looking for a fancy little bowl somewhere but my sister was so thrifty I tried to thrift store first.  Here was the perfect little glass butterfly dish which I rescued from the thrift store for pennies.  My sister would’ve been pleased!


So these little trinkets are on my desk at work to just put a smile on my face when I need it.