Once Upon A Time and Henry #2

So my radiation treatments have exhausted me.  I spend hours at a time watching tv.  I am now addicted to this series “Once Upon A Time”.  It really appeals to my sense of fantasy.

One main characters is Henry, the son of the Savior.  The costumes are wonderful and the sets fascinating.  As I watch Henry grow from a boy into a young man, I realize this is a great name for a rescue puppy to grow into a brave dog.  I’m not sure of my rationalization here, remember I am exhausted (and am craving puppy breath).

Donating Hair to Children With Hair Loss


Yep, I am donating my hair to Children With Hair Loss.  An amazing organization providing real hair wigs to children at no cost.


Clean braided hair is grouped with other braids of like color.  It takes many donations to make one wig for a deserving child.  My hair grows lightning fast so I am now motivated to take good care of it and become a regular donor.


I love my new haircut.  Paula, my friend and hairdresser, cut my hair at no charge to be part of the donation.

I have a lot to be thankful for and my new look reminds me to stay positive and enjoy my good fortune.

May Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



May’s yoga pose is Warrior II as shown here by Bailey.

Monty suggests combining this pose with tree pose.

Moving into tree pose from Warrior II.   Here Bailey’s right leg is back he will step his right leg forward into mountain pose and take a couple of deep breaths there.   Shifting your weight into your left foot bring your right foot into your left thigh toes down.  Bring your hands to prayer, gaze soft and breathe deep.

Return to mountain pose and bring your left foot back into Warrior II for several breaths.  Step your left foot forward into mountain pose for a couple of deep breaths.  Shift weight to right foot and bring left foot to thigh toes down.  Bring hands to prayer.


Return to mountain pose and deep breathing to allow your body to enjoy your practice.

Good luck with your Yoga and stay happy!


Mammograms and Thank You to My Friends



Mammograms are described as a noninvasive medical test. I think the word noninvasive needs to be re-evaluated. Having your breasts squished several times while you are instructed to stand still and hold your breath is invasive.

X-ray images today are digital files and the radiologist can easily compare past mammograms with a recent test.

Mammograms are an important tool in detecting cancer early. Early detection of cancer may help you avoid aggressive treatments like surgery or chemotherapy.

Avoiding tests like mammograms and colonoscopies and ignoring symptoms is foolish.  This is how I lost my husband.  (I am not experiencing any symptoms, just medical test avoidance syndrome.)

My friend Sandy and other friends are helping me deal with just moving on and getting all my health obligations back in line.  Thanks to them I have picked out a new doctor, had a physical, an eye exam, a mammogram, have scheduled a dental appointment and some much needed physical therapy, and last but not least, Sandy has offered to take me to my colonoscopy!

I do need to go back for more tests after my recent mammogram.  Wish me luck!

Please don’t delay these simple tests, I am feeling pretty liberated now that I am getting over my reluctance of medical stuff.

Thank you Sandy and all my friends who are being patient with my avoidance of anything medical right now.  (I thought I was going to be happy if I never saw the inside of another medical building.) I appreciate your sticking with me!


April Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



April’s pose is Upward-Facing Dog as shown here by Pansy⬆️🐶 aka Up Dog.

Monty suggests combining this pose with Downward-Facing Dog ⬇️🐶 aka Down Dog.


Moving into Down Dog from Up Dog.

On an exhale turn your toes under and and lift your knees away from the floor.  Tail (or tailbone) reaches to the ceiling.  Thighs reach to chest.  Heels press back towards floor.

Knees stay soft, don’t lock them.

Keep the head between the upper arms but not hanging, back of neck long not compressed.

Here is my brother Roscoe doing down dog.


He should try to position his tail more like mine here:

Monty pup
Monty pup

Good luck with your Yoga practice and happy springtime!



image My friend Jane received this Tomahawk, a gift from a friend of hers, a Native American Indian who made it by hand.image

She accidentally dropped it and as the tip lodged into the floor she realized she how truly careful she needed to be.

The woodwork is truly amazing I’m sorry my pictures don’t do it justice.

The tomahawk is a symbol of war and peace.

A buried tomahawk meant peace.

If the Chief decided the his warriors were to engage in war he would raise a red tomahawk at the war council meeting.

If a previously buried tomahawk was dug up this was a sign of war.

To bury the hatchet was a sign of resolving a dispute.

Ceremonial tomahawks were decorated with the best feathers and paint. A smoking bowl sometimes incorporated into the ceremonial tomahawk.  The pipe of peace and a weapon of war.

Tomahawks used in war as weapons may have been decorated with eagle feathers earned for acts of bravery or medicine bags for protection and victory in battle.

Making a tomahawk is a time consuming task. Learning to use a tomahawk is just daunting.

This weapon takes strength and skill to use effectively.

The tomahawk was a weapon to be thrown or swung like a sword or axe.  An unwieldy weapon, a sharpe knife was more likely the weapon of choice for scalping.

This gift was given to Jane as a ceremonial symbol of peace and friendship.   The detail and work put into the making of this Tomahawk makes it that much more special.

Good Food With Good Friends at Domo Restaurant


Domo Restaurant has been a Denver favorite for authentic Japanese cuisine for decades.

It is also the home of the Aikido Nippon Kan which is the largest Aikido school in the area  Also contained in this vast building and grounds are traditional Japanese gardens and a museum of Japanese antiques and crafts.


Each meal starts with 7 family style side dishes.


Nabayaki Ramen is the dish I ordered.  One of my favorites.  Nabayaki is either ramen or udon noodles simmered with meats and other surprises.  The Domo Nabayaki is served with pork, kamabako, egg, tempura shrimp and vegetables.


Hatsumago sake was my treat.  They also have other sake selections and tea selctions.





We All Want to Enjoy the Park


Everybody wants to enjoy the park. If you use the park you are its steward and you should respect and take care of it.

I love the park. My dogs love the park. I always pick up after my dogs when we enjoy the park.

I bring extra bags to the park for you to pick up after your dogs. I put them in this receptacle and they are there for your use. I try not to let the bags run out.

Please pick up after your dogs.  I wouldn’t want anyone to step in my dogs’ poop and I hope you feel the same way.

And if you have a few extra bags, please bring them for the receptacle for other people to use.

Rommy, Roscoe and Monty
Rommy, Roscoe and Monty

Thanks!  We don’t like stepping on poop either!


Iron Pour Art


Here’s how they stop the iron from pouring from the copulas where a continuous supply is being melted.

Iron casting.  Molten iron poured into tiles or molds.

The public was allowed to participate, buying tiles for $10 and creating their own fantastic artwork and sculptures.


Here’s my friend Mary Lou’s tile mold.   When she gets the finished product cleaned up and polished will share it with you.


This is from an iron pour she did last year.


Graphite was painted into the molds,  this prevents the iron from sticking to the tile when it’s poured.


Here’s another tile.  Day of the Dead theme.






Filling the tiles with molten iron. After a brief wait tiles are cracked from the still red hot iron pieces which are then dropped into a bucket of water to finish the cooling.


Here they’re pouring molten iron into some of the molded sculptures .


Mary Lou and I both had holes in our jackets from this display!

Had a great evening.  Next time I just might buy a tile and create some art!