March Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion



March’s pose is Peacock Pose as shown here by Bae.


Monty suggests combining this pose with Child’s Pose.

Upon release from Peacock Pose bring yourself into table top or sitting on your heels with knees hip distance apart.  From table top sink back onto your heels, or from kneeling fold forward, both ending with your torso on your thighs.  Do not let the back of your neck compress as you reach forward with your arms, palms facing down.  Broaden upper back and release all tension with deep breathing.  Rest in this pose as long as you want.  To release you can either walk your hands up to seated or table top or gently roll to one side and come to seated.


Here is Peacock Pose done by a human and Child’s Pose.

Mom and her friends who practice Yoga together are not able to do Peacock Pose yet but they all do a mean Child’s Pose!




Sweetpea Waiting at Denver Dog Show


Sketching dogs at the dog show was not one of my best ideas.   They were in constant motion. I’d just get a few lines drawn and off they went!   Sketching live dogs is not a beginner lesson.  I did get this drawing of Sweetpea done, I gave myself 60 seconds. And of course she moved at about 52 seconds.


The spectators were much easier to capture.  And they were so happy watching dogs!

I think ears should be my next task, yikes!

Make My Day, Orchids That Keep On Blooming!


This lovely orchid is somehow surviving my my house.

It is bumped daily by large dogs barking at the mailman and any other intruder in the yard.  It also is regularly NOT watered.  I do remember to give it a special orchid only food about twice a year and water it about 3 times a month.

I got this from my choir buddies when my husband died a couple of years ago and this is the third or fourth time it has bloomed.  I think just in time for


February Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion


February’s pose is Warrior I Pose as shown here by Yogi.

Monty suggests combining this pose with Mountain Pose and a pose he calls Blind Dog’s Swaying Mountain Pose or another slightly more challenging pose he calls Blind Dog’s Swaying Tree Pose.


Blind Dog’s Swaying Mountain Pose:  From Warrior I step into Mountain Pose, close your eyes and move your breath and your focus to your feet.  Begin to gently sway in very small movements, take notice of your balance and feel the shifting of your weight in your feet as you sway.  Keep movements small.  Open your eyes and step alternate leg back into Warrior I.

Blind Dog’s Swaying Tree Pose:  From Warrior I step into Mountain Pose.  Shift weight into left leg and move into Tree Pose keeping the ball of the right foot on the ground.  Close your eyes and sway as if in a gentle breeze.  Keep movements small.  Open your eyes and move into Mountain Pose.  Shift weight to right leg and move into Tree Pose keeping the ball of the left foot on the ground.  Close your eyes and sway in the gentle breeze.  Open your eyes and move into Mountain Pose and when ready step alternate leg back into Warrior I.

Aids in balance, my Mom and her friend practice simple standing poses with their eyes closed and are now able to catch themselves when slipping on ice.  Decreases those nasty winter falls.

Make my Day #2 and Thank you to Carla over at for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award




Imagine my delight when I was nominated for a second award on the same day!

Thank you Carla for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award and when I figure out the rules I’ll get after it.

But I do want to share with you Carla’s own award winning blog

Carla is a fellow Scorpio and when I saw her blog I knew I needed to follow her!

She has a sense of humor that cannot be described, you will just have to read for yourself.  She knows how to bravely color outside the lines as only a true Scorpio does.


Make my Day #1 and Thank you to Leslie at for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award


Thank you to the Lovely Leslie for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award!

When I figure out the rules I’ll hop right on that but I did want to share with you Leslie’s award winning blog

Leslie got me hooked with her love of her love “Studly”, love of animals, love of wine, love of beer, love of travel, love of family, great poems, great short stories, inability to cook…. Yikes I could go on and on but go check her out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


Sketching with Jane and Wine



Sketching at Silver Vines Winery with my friend Jane who has had lessons.  Here is a sketch she drew of me.    She was way too kind.


Here is one I did of Jane.   Yikes!  Trying to figure out glasses and eyes……  Hey I was in a dark wine bar…….😕🍷 and drinking wine…………


Here are sketches we did of the same woman.


And of the same man.  Jane gave him a smile.  I drew it as I saw it (no smile).  Jane is really sweet.


And one I did of a guy sitting at the bar.  With a broccoli ear.  Well that’s how it looked in the dark wine bar…

Jane will be able to help me with shading and a ton of other stuff.  Maybe being kinder and sweet.

We both are learning to be quick.

I tend to pick a distinctive feature to start with.  Jane uses her lessons and works on proportions and detail.

I thought that maybe I need to take lessons but Jane said to let my skills develop a little bit before I take lessons and worry about things like proportions and detail later. Isn’t she sweet?



Addicted to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Product DetailsImage result for miss fisher's murder mysteries house

Adapted from the novels by author Kerry Greenwood, the adventures of Phryne Fisher.

A glamorous private detective in 1920s Melbourne.  Phryne is single and independent and proves with her brilliant tactics that women can have both exciting personal and professional lives.

I am totally addicted to her courage and her amazing wardrobe.  Her clothes are made with fabric authentic to the times, lots of flowing romantic creations.  I not only look forward to each of her new adventures but what the heck is she going to be wearing?

Seasons 1-3 can be found on Netflix.  No word on season four yet but as amazing as Phryne and her supporting cast are I am sure there will be many more episodes.

What next?  Well hopefully season four and I am really looking forward to reading the over 20 novels written by Kerry Greenwood!



Argentine Tango


Romantic Argentine Tango.

The gentleman does not speak to the lady but catches her eyes from across the room.

With the lifting of his eyebrows and a nod towards the dance floor he asks her if she cares to dance.

With a confident smile and a graceful nod of her head she indicates yes.


They dance the close embrace.

Heart to heart.


January Yoga Puppy and Monty’s Suggestion


Easy crossed leg pose.

Monty suggests combining with stomach grinds.


Place one hand on each knee.  Gently engage core.  Make a small slow steady circle around your center with your belly button or top of head.  Focus on steady breath.  After a minute switch directions (clockwise and counterclockwise).  Then switch your legs (other leg on top) and repeat.

May aid in digestion and realign organs in your core, great for circulation too!