Bara Bara Practice Taiko Routine

Back to Taiko!

It was great to see the group and play the drum today.

This is the new song by Taiko With Toni!  The instructor Marc Steuben is playing it at a slightly slower pace as the group learns it.

Yikes!  It is hard enough playing with the drum right in front of you and now they are learning to play it on its side and traveling.

The next festival is the Cherry Blossom Festival.  This group is motivated and works hard learning new material but they are always having fun!

Taiko with Toni 2015 Hina Matsuri Festival opening set and introduction



Always a favorite at Denver Festivals, Taiko With Toni performed at the recent Hina Matsuri Festival.

I am excited as I have just started studying with this group.  Thank goodness I am the amateur videographer and won’t be performing!