Can you write my name in Japanese?

Hello Mitsuru, this is very interesting. Our church has Hina Matsuri Festival in March and some of the ladies write festival goers’ names I believe in Katakana. Albert, Eva, and Selén are lucky to receive such a beautiful piece of your artwork. Sanseilife.

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

Selen´Present Selen´Present

Many people ask me to write their name in Japanese, sometimes I personalize some presents . this is one for my friends Albert and Eva, a present for their baby girl Selén.

In Japan we have three alphabets as some of you might know, (hiragana, katakana and kanji).Sometimes it is difficult to find the kanji that matches with the sound or phoneme of your name, because some of them don´t exist! This is why the Japanese people,we cannot pronounce very well some sounds, because those sounds might not exist in our language!.We use katakana alphabet to write foreign words normally, and some of you are very disappointed because you like the kanji letter…

  1. The kanji letter comes from china, but the pronunciation is completely different from Chinese, I cannot understand Chinese at all, but I can guess the meaning from writing.

The kanji letter is an…

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The Smile Brings Me Good luck/ Sonreir Me Trae Buena Suerte

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

  • 笑う門には福来たる / Warau kado ni wa fuku Kitaru

    Cat Smile Cat Smile

  • If you smile the good luck is waiting you in the next corner
  • Si sonries la suerte the espera en la próxima esquina
  • Dimensions: 21×30 cm A4
  • Materials: sumi, ink, paper, calligraphic brush
  • handmade original
  • 25 euros available in my Shop:

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Becoming Adults ‘Seijin no hi’

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

Becoming Adults ‘Seijin no hi’

My Grandfather´s Kimono Design  My Grandfather´s Kimono design

Today is ‘Seijin no hi’. We celebrate having reached the majority of age in Japan (20 years old ) the ceremony is held in the city hall and other public places, the girls wear the kimono.  My grandfather who was a kimono designer made a beautiful blue kimono with long sleeves for my sister at that time. The boys also wear formal clothing sometimes kimono for man (hakama) but nowadays many of them wear suits, we go out with our friends to celebrate with our first beer after the ceremony.

Así nos hacemos mayores los japoneses

Hoy es el Seijin no hi en Japón, se celebra la mayoría de edadde los jóvenes que han cumplido los 20 años. Mi abuelo que diseñaba kimonos hizo un precioso kimono azul con las mangas largas para mi hermana en aquella época. Los hombres también…

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Do you know what animal are you? ¿Sabes qué animal eres?

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

Japanese Horoscope.JPG

Horóscope  Years Horóscope Years

This year is the year of the sheep, in other words this is my year. A few days ago I have send you a post with my “nengajo” which is a happy new year card. I think that many western people don´t know that in Asia we have another horoscope according to the year that you were born, I hope that you like it and to be pleased with your animal!

Este año es el año de la oveja, es decir este año es mi año! hace unos días os mandé la tarjeta típica de felicitación de fin de año “nengajo” con la oveja, y mucha gente quizás no sabe que en Asia tenemos otro horóscopo, así que podéis saber cual es vuestro animal según el año que habéis nacido… espero que os guste y estéis todos contentos con vuestro animal


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Purple Cruiser


After reading the series the Beginners Bicycle Guide by Dave Welch at Funding Help I have decided the right bicycle for me is a purple cruiser. If you need help deciding on what kind of bicycle fits your needs to check out the Beginners Bicycle Guide.

Here’s my wish list, I think I need Dave’s help to build my dream bike!