Today’s Muse 1

Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Today’s Muse is the little girl, a toddler learning to walk.

Her adoring parents following her every step as she toddled across the parking lot.  Before those doting parents could help her she determinely tried to step up onto the curb.

Her little face scrunched in thought her toe caught  the edge of the curb and she landed with an almost audible smack right on her chin.   I expected immediate tears as her mom covered her face with her hands and as her dad leaned over her, but wait!  Something inside him stopped him from going to her rescue, she struggled to her feet and thought about those tears but changed her mind.  She looked right at me and gave me a big bright smile.

She looked at that curb and carefully stepped up, a little tipsy – but she caught her balance to the relief of the three adults watching her.  Laughing in the moment she continued on her journey.

My hero and today’s Muse.





Apa de Camarão – Shrimp Cake

I wanted to share this recipe of Apa de Camarão before Thanksgiving as I thought it would be nice to jazz up the bread stuffing to make a lovely lightly sweet and spicy Shrimp Cake/Pie. This Goan Prawn Cake or Pie is not made too often and not found in restaurants but in the homes of those who were born during the Portuguese era.

apa-de-camarao-prawn-pie-bol-de-camarao-recipeApa de Camarão (Prawn Bread) is traditionally made with overnight soaked rice that is ground with fresh grated coconut, coconut toddy( you can read more here) and nutmeg. Bolo de Camarão (Prawn Cake) is the same but made with lightly sweetened flour batter. Since both seemed as too much work, I decided to come up with a cheat version where the batter is less complicated and since Indian food does have a reputation to be complicated and time-consuming, this was a great way to maintain…

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