Sam Matsumoto  making his cabbage at Simpson spring 1980

My dad Sam Matsumoto was an awesome Pickler!  We had a refrigerator in the basement dedicated to pickling adventures.  In this refrigerator you could find fish pickled in a miso concoction! There were vegetables pickled an old rice and salt.  And the kimchi, with and without the stinky stuff (fish).

This pickling is something you inherit and can’t fight.  I dabble myself in pickling and Sam’s son, the other Sam Matsumoto, also has started pickling. We just can’t seem to help ourselves!

Here’s Sam’s cabbage recipe which used to be served as a side dish to the annual bazaar meal (teriyaki chicken and pork chow mein) of Simpson United Methodist Church.  The recipe is true to the Sam Matsumoto way of making this pickled cabbage.

I used to help my dad make this cabbage and he really would taste it several times a day and add “what was needed”. He’d have several huge crocks of this cabbage going at the same time and each crock would need something different when he tasted it.




33 thoughts on “Recipes”

  1. Love the Dragon Boat Festival! Especially the blessing and the procession of all the monks. Last year my daughter and grandson and wife all participated – it is sooo much fun!

    Dying to try the cabbage recipe – it looks sooooo good! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe for pickled cabbage. I have everything here including Napa cabbage, which is more tender than our California variety. Can’t wait to take this to a party and share. I’ll bring the recipe and print your blog site. I’ve found a fun recipe 3 x5 card form and will see if I can fill it in with this with instructions to taste.

  3. Thank for your follow, I was a professional chef/line cook for to many yrs. Yet my passion for cooking goes very deep. It has provided me a great outlet for my creativity. As you saw I am an artist,again I love collage. My next is writing there a short story on my blog at least the beginning of one, Segal/the gates of uncertainty. I will be back to visit. Keep the hot water on I love tea

  4. My family gets together a few times a year with the crocks to ferment cabbage then later to can it. Started long ago with my Grandma Laura and now we carry it on in her memory. Love how cooking can bring family and friends together and share great stories. Thank you for sharing yours!

    1. I have a post I am working on (it takes me months sometimes as I am not a natural writer) about a dream I had about cooking and how my step-son made me realize cooking is a real art. You can interpret that dream for me:)

    1. My dad used regular green cabbage for this particular recipe. I have used that mix of green and purple cabbage with shredded carrots and that has worked too (the coleslaw pre-shredded mix).

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